Feels Just Like Starting Over

If you only knew how many times I start this blog. I always start with the greatest of intentions to write everyday (ok… maybe not everyday… but at least with some semblance of regularity) but stop abruptly. In my mind I think typing out my routine, thoughts, fear, joys, hopes and prayers will be some sort of cathartic experience. It is to a point I suppose… but in other ways I think it exposes my pathetic though processes. I don’t know…

I’m pretty sure nobody reads this anyway (may some bots looking for clients and consumers based on keywords…). I don’t really care either way. Maybe typing out my truth will help me to focus. We will see.

But here I am again… willing (and ready?) to do this again?

I hope so…

“It’s been so long since we took the time
No-one is to blame
I know time flies so quickly
But when I see you darling
It’s like we both are falling in love again
It’ll be just like starting over – starting over”


Author: MPK

Just your average “Joe Nobody”. I tend to be center-left in politics. I am a obsessive listener of all sorts of music. I travel a lot for work. I am a retired LEO. I am a keeper of unwanted weight. I like otters. I am a horrible guitar player. My blogging skills are sub-par.

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