Good morning from a hot and muggy Orlando FL. To say Summer in FL is my least favorite season would an understatement. The heat and humidity here is just plain oppressive. I’ve said it before…. living in FL in the Summer is like living inside a dryer with wet towels…

Seems to me that nothing in MY world is “for sure”. I feel like I live in a perpetual state of “maybe”, “I hope so” and “what if”. It’s a feeling that is pervasive. I feel it in my relationships with women I’ve dated, relationships with my family, relationships with my friends, my job…

While I crave stability- I am probably the person who sabotages that very thing for myself. I am a slave to my own self-doubt. I wonder when I took on these shackles and chains? How did I do it and WHY did I do it? Something must have shook me but I’m not sure what. I used to be much more confident of my path. I was in the drivers seat. Now I feel like I am just a passenger on a bus.

Someway and somehow I will regain the control and confidence… nothing good will happen without it.


Author: MPK

Just your average “Joe Nobody”. I tend to be center-left in politics. I am a obsessive listener of all sorts of music. I travel a lot for work. I am a retired LEO. I am a keeper of unwanted weight. I like otters. I am a horrible guitar player. My blogging skills are sub-par.

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